Technical translation is best done by those with a mastery of manual skills, technological theory and application, and linguistic expertise.

From heavy equipment technology to refined legal documents, from urgent medical records to annual financial statements, technical translation services require professional experience, bilingual comprehension and close attention to details.

Technical translation

For the past 18 years, I have been a professional self-employed translator and interpreter working for Americans, Canadians, Russians, Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese, and Europeans. You have come here because you are hunting for someone reliable to do technical translation.

You have possibly found the most reliable translator for your job and for future assignments. Please let me introduce you to some of my personal background in Russia and in the USA.

First, I began studying English at the age of 11. Like other Soviet kids, I was handed some books and led through the school curriculum of the former USSR. I fell in love with English and studied it hard.

I completed high school and then, 7 years later, I became a medical doctor in pediatrics. During my studies at Perm State Medical Academy, I interpreted for visiting teams of American missionaries.

During my medical school years my primary objective was, of course, medicine.  Nevertheless, 1991-1998 were the years of my life during which I learned how to do technical translation. In terms of linguistics, medical literature translation is referred to as technical translation.

Then I moved to the United States of America and lived there for the next 12 years. I obtained a degree in English and worked in several capacities. I translated many medical documents for patients who had to see American medical doctors but had charts written in Russian. I also translated for different news agencies. I interpreted during business meetings, negotiations, court hearings (county, state, federal).

Legal translation is also classified as technical translation. When I had free time on my hands, I often drove to the Gwinnett County Justice Center and just quietly sat in the courtroom in order to listen to litigations underway; in this way, I was able to pick up legal terminology and the correct English of educated people.

My American “experience” included what many immigrants go through: doing construction work like bricklaying, carpentry etc; doing auto repair, plumbing, assembling furniture, as well as working with  HVAC systems. During my years in Atlanta, GA, I quickly learned that the standard is to work hard and produce qualitative results. And, of course, as a linguist, I learned many new words related to business and blue-collar jobs.

Now I am located in Moscow as a fulltime freelance interpreter and translator. I represent the interests of state departments, private businessmen, medical doctors and hospitals, and other governmental structures.

I do technical translation of all sorts of technical literature: medical documentation, newspaper articles, financial reports, and tender proposals. In addition, I interpret during conferences, on-site visits and worldwide congresses. I participated in a number of arbitration tribunals around the globe.

I am able to translate different documents into English. This area of my work makes me somewhat of a unique performer, since a majority of translators prefer to strictly translate into their mother tongue.

As a young man in my early days in Russia, I put in time working underground in a coal mine in the Far North (Vorkuta). This is where I lived for 15 years, above the Arctic Circle. Though there was extreme cold, it was not an obstacle in my mining education one mile under the surface of the earth. As such, I can state that I embarked on the road to technical translation about 20 years ago.

Below you can see some pictures of me doing practical, physical work. In the dark underground, I am carrying a tree trunk to use a brace. Here is some true “Russian style labor”, not clean, paper-pushing at a desk.

Although I have work experience in many areas in my life, I have ended up specializing in what I can do best. My fluency in English, gained through interaction with real life native speakers and by working and communicating with people of all possible trades, I naturally specialize in doing technical translation.

I want to offer you my services. I do technical translation of any document or text you may need. In the case your text appears outside of my league, I will use the assistance of other professional translators who work in your field of expertise or the languages you request.

I also try my best to make good use of my friends, professional medical doctors, lawyers, paralegals, nurses, businessmen in, perhaps, every possible trade, and bank workers. They often assist me in translating and proofreading. This guarantees that you get the quality of work yopu deserve.

You can be assured that I will put forth my best effort to deserve your trust and future business. I will be happy to do your technical translation after I have fully understood your technical requirements and, if needed, studied a glossary provided by you.

I also offer myself as a professional to interpret during any meeting, congress, business negotiations, Skype conversations or phone discussions which can be held anywhere.

Write to my email address to contact me. Please provide me with your phone number and I will personally call you myself anywhere in the world.

Vуacheslav Mаzurov,
Moscow, Russia