Do you need Russian translation of all sorts of documents, reports and texts? For 18 years I have been a professional Russian translator and interpreter in both the U.S. and Russia.

You came to this website because you want to find someone capable and experienced doing quality Russian translation work. Well, look no further. I’ve had broad experience in Russia and abroad using my native Russian language and would like to be of service to you.

Russian translation

Hello friends,

I’m Vyаcheslav Mаzurov (Alex) and I’m happy to meet you.

I’m a native Russian speaker and, at age 11, I began my journey into the English language. I completed high school and then, 7 years later, I became a medical doctor. At Perm State Medical Academy, I, of course studied medical English. During this period, I was involved with interрreting for American missionaries visiting Russia. In the period 1991-1998, I also did Russian translation all kinds of medical literature.

Then I moved to the United States of America and lived there for the next 12 years. I worked as both translator and interpreter in many different situations and I earned a degree in the English language.

Now I am located in Moscow. Despite the many things I have done in my life, I ended up doing what I can do best: Russian translation. Being fluent in a foreign language and studying it from real life with native speakers rather than from  books, and not capitalizing on it would be a big mistake.

I have professionally practiced Russian translation with groups of Russians, Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Japanese, and Chinese as a fulltime self-employed trаnslator. Many times I have represented the interests of private businessmen, medical doctors and hospitals, foreign ministries and other government structures in both formal and informal meetings.

In Russian translation, I promise you:

  • My undivided attention and a focus on precise terminology and quality proofreading.
  • That I will deliver your translation(s) on time.
  • That I will follow your instructions carefully.
  • That written translations will be clear and correct.
  • That I will try to preserve the style and intent of your original text.
  • That I will conduct personal communications with you to ensure best results.
  • That I will maintain confidentiality and privacy of all documents.
  • That I will keep the costs low and the quality high for you.

Beginning in 1998, as a dedicated linguist and a business-oriented person, I  began creating a unique professional network of global freelance translators who work in a number of language pairs (primarily in European and Asian tongues). I have found such networks of independent freelance translators from around the world productive, enriching and supportive. Since we often work with one another, I can easily refer you to someone I personally know whop has the appropriate expertise and language skills you are looking for..

Again, I would especially like to offer you my services of Russian translation for any document or text you may need. You can also rely on my Russian interpretation during any meeting, congress, business negotiations, Skype conversations or phone discussions.

Please write to my email address to provide me with your phone number and I will personally call you myself anywhere in the world.

Vyаcheslav Mаzurov (Alex)

A Russiаn native who does professional Russian translation.