A freelance translator is one who obtained translation certification, developed professional specialization and set payment terms and rates.

Using this website, you can find anywhere in the world freelance translators who are ready to work for you. One such freelance translator organized a network of bilingual professionals. I offer you highly professional services of my team composed of talented bilingual translators and interpreters in any field or industry. Please send a document and I will contact you with an estimate.

Freelance translator


I am the project coordinator of this international consortium of like-minded professional translators. This site was established as a clearinghouse for outstanding freelance translators in many language pairs. We desire to cut out the agency middlemen in order to relate to you directly and save you money.

I have 18 years experience as a professional interpreter and translator. I personally speak two languages, my native Russian and my acquired English. In the course of my international work with governmental organizations, I have come across and worked with several extremely talented translators of many languages. They are professionals who can offer high quality services, yet work outside of translation agencies and do not promote themselves on any website.

Since registries of global translators/interpreters are available, I have set up a clearinghouse of educated, experienced men and women who can work with most major European and Asian tongues. So, when you need a freelance translator, I will immediately locate the ideal professional translator to work on your text. You can be sure that yr project will be handled applying the highest standards of the translation industry.

I began studying English at age 11 in Russia and went on to become a medical doctor. I studied at Perm State Medical Academy (PSMA) and did some early interpretation work for American missionaries visiting Russia. During those years, I also translated medical literature from Russian into English. Next, I moved to America and for 12 years and lived in Atlanta, Georgia. I went on to get further English language training and practice my translation and interpretation skills.

Now, I have returned to Moscow where I work as a fulltime independent interpreter and translator representing the interests of businessmen, doctors, ministries and other governmental structures. As a dedicated linguist and a businessman, I have been creating this unique professional global network of freelance translators since 1998.

My Unique Translation Qualifications

● I am educated in both Russia and the United States and have cultural sensitivity.

●I have outstanding communication skills and a strong commitment to personalized service.

●I work closely with trained, professional native speakers of other languages who assist with translation, editing and proofing in their area(s) of expertise.

●I am a fair, honest, and dedicated translator who values both quality work and client satisfaction.

I take confidentiality and security issues very seriously.

Our pricing is reasonable and competitive. We’ve eliminated the middle-man so you benefit.

But, no matter what your freelance translator needs are, we will try to meet them. We are also available for interpreting work of all kinds: conference, travel, meetings, on-site.

I look forward to assisting you with your next translation project. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and please provide me with your phone number by e-mail. I will respond quickly with a  personal call at my expense regardless of your location and offer you an estimate.