Once the contract translation is signed, the parties are bound by law. Hence, contracts are to be translated by bilingual certified translators.

The right translator with an indepth knowledge of the related industry will be selected and assigned for your contract translation needs. We are professional bilingual certified translators who will take time and consult specialists before any project: from one page documents such as passport to large scale contracts. Often, involved contract translation is completed by teamwork.

Contract translation

Legal-translation.net specialises in legal translation, and has extensive experience in contract translation. This expertise means that the professional assigned to translate your contract is knowledgeable in the appropriate legal terminology and form necessary to translate into the target language.

On this day I interpreted for a UN delegation to the Rusian Federation

On this day I interpreted for a UN delegation to the Rusian Federation

Interpretation session for members of the EU delegation in the Government fo the RF

Interpretation session for members of the EU delegation in the Government fo the RF

For 18 years I have been assembling a group of professional bilingual translators who have experience in contract translation, and/or have a law degree in the country of residence, or have been certified as legal translator or a court interpreter by the designated legal body of the country. Together, we have the experience that you need for translating contracts quickly and accurately.

Legal-translation.net was founded by me, Vyacheslav Mazurov (Alex). I was born in Russia and have been studying English since age 11. I went on to become a medical doctor, studying at Perm State Medical Academy (PSMA). While there, I did some interpretation work for U.S. missionaries visiting Russia. During those years, I also translated medical literature from Russian into English.

Next, I moved to America and for 12 years I went on to get further English language training and practice my translation and interpretation skills. Now, I have returned to Moscow where I am a fulltime self-employed interpreter and translator, representing the interests of businessmen, doctors, state departments and other governmental structures.

Letter of appreciation from the Federal Police of the Kingdom of Belgium

Letter of appreciation from the Federal Police of the Kingdom of Belgium

Letter of appreciation from legal department of the Mexico Health Department

Letter of appreciation from legal department of the Mexico Health Department

We all know that contract translation requires more than just sentence-level translation. Without understanding international legal matters and cross-cultural differences, the translation of contracts may cause a serious problem. For this reason, expertise on a sophisticated level is essential for translation of different types of contracts, such as sales agreements, joint ventures, licensing, and proceedings. Legal-translation.net has a translation team with considerable experience in legal work so you can be confident that our reliability will support your global business activities.

Be assured that our translators are language natives and have the local legal experience to provide an accurate reproduction of your contract in the target language.


Some types of contract translation
• Standards
• Basic trade agreements
• Sale of business
• Sales of goods
• Laws and regulations
• Trial Proceedings & research
• Covenants
• Leasing agreements
• Estate sales
• Quality assurance agreements
• Confidentiality agreements
• Memorandums
• Licensing agreements

This increasingly borderless age requires exchanging information free from legal flaws. This is true not only in concluding contracts or proceedings, but also in many other aspects. We encourage you to take full advantage of our contract translation service in order to communicate effectively beyond language and cultural barriers.

The recent globalization of the world economy and partial recovery of developed countries from an international financial stalemate, makes special demands on us all. It requires that communications and contract translations be completed with business partners who not only speak and think in a different language but also work under diverse legal and cultural systems. Therefore, careful consideration of legal matters is essential for the promotion of international business.

Legal-translation.net has translators experienced in practical international legal affairs. Attention to even the smallest detail is essential when performing a contract translation. We are aware of this and our long-term clients return to us again and again when they need contracts translated.


  • Our undivided attention, focus on precise terminology for accuracy.
  • Timely delivery of your translation.
  • Clear and correct translated document text.
  • Preservation of the style and intent of your original.
  • Personal communications with clients to ensure we fill your requests.
  • Confidentiality and privacy of all documents.
  • Competitive pricing for high quality work.

We have established strict rules and systems for confidentiality. We, as professionals, also have a keen awareness of the necessity of security to provide reliable service.

In addition to contract translation, we offer services in many types of translation,  interpretation, voice-over, transcription, and multilingual search engine optimization. We can also offer onsite conference, negotiation and tour interpreters. And, if you need experienced, long-distance interpreters, using teleconferencing or telecommunications, we have professionals to assist you. We can also work with you on localizing your website into a number of languages.

Since our legal-translation.net utilizes the services of exclusively qualified translators, who are not only bilingual, but also professionally educated in many fields, we can select a specialist right for your contract translation needs.

I look forward to assisting you with your next translation project. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and also give me your phone number(s) by e-mail. I will call you personally and respond quickly at my expense, regardless of your location and offer you an estimate.

Vyасheslav Mazurоv (Alex)