Legal translations and court interpreter services are what we do. Legal translators from many countries offer document translation services.

Only native speakers are used to deliver to you the highest quality in document translation services. Russian translation, English translation, German translation and French translation is what we do best. In addition to technical translation, contract translation and medical translation services are also rendered exceeding industry standards in quality, thoroughness and accuracy.

Legal translation

The recent growth of international trade has increased the demand for legal translation worldwide. Yet, translation in the legal field calls for experienced professionals who have a great understanding of the legal processes in the country involved. They also must have the cultural background to explain these procedures and content in the target language.

We offer you our team of highly qualified native-speaking men and women who deliver accuracy and respect strict confidentiality in their work. Whether you need a translation for an official document, a legal contract, evidence document, financial statement, deposition, patent, litigation materials, letters, or other documents, our certified language translation professionals can complete it for you quickly and accurately.

Since legal translation requires experts who can phrase documents in a precise manner without ambiguity, we make sure that your project goes to highly qualified individuals in our network of freelancers. We know that any translation of a legal document that is the slightest bit “off” may result in delay and confusion, not to mention added cost. Only suitable translators who are qualified to work with legal documents in the languages you need, will be handling them.

Our translators also have an understanding of the common and civil law legal codes involved.

You can be assured that all documents you send to us will be kept under our strict privacy guidelines. We maintain this level of service because through it we earn the confidence of our clients who return to us again and again.

Because the area of law is culture-dependent, legal translation is considered to be one of the most challenging translation areas of specialty. It combines aspects of literary translation with the precise terminology of technical translation. The job of translating a legal text into a foreign language, therefore, faces a series of obstacles, and should be handled only by professional specialist translators.

We will put forth every effort to deserve your trust in legal translation and future business. We sincerely look forward to assisting you on your next project.

Our network also can offer translators in many fields besides law: medical, business, technology, and literary. Our alliance also includes professional interpreters in many language pairs who can assist you during any meeting, conference, business negotiations, on-site visit, Skype conversations or phone discussions.

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